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Cowboy Church
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Come for a message, Fellowship and a meal.
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Welcome to Hill Baptist Church located in the Dona Ana community of Las Cruces, New Mexico. We feel that we are one of the most exciting churches anywhere. We are a small growing church with new people coming every week. The reason they give for coming is almost always the same: they feel at home here.

What is it about a country church like HBC that makes people feel that way?

For some it's the preaching. The sermons at HBC are always Biblical and relevant. We spend our time together looking into God's Word and exploring how it applies to our lives. AT HBC we are not about theory or ivory towers, but how to actually live out our faith. For others, it's openess. AT HBC it doesn't matter what you look like or where you have been-you will be treated like you belong. Divorced or married, black or white, Harley or horse, boots or suits-it doesn't matter,  (boots and hats are optional) you will be welcome here. Not only that, but you will FEEL welcome here. That the reason a lot of folks call us the church of second chances.

And lastly, many people feel at home here because of our music. While many churches are deeply divided over what kind of music they will use, HBC has boldly decided to use both kinds: country and gospel. While we insist that all of our music glorify God and speak of our Savior Jesus Christ, we also insist that it be presented in a style that regular working folks can appreciate.

The result of all of this is that the vast majority of people who visit our church wind up staying. Come on down and check us out. We are betting that you will feel right at home.


Thoughts to Ponder


Do what God is asking you to do, even when it hurts to do so.
He has something wonderful in His plan for you..

Don't be afraid of what God is doing in your life, He may be using
you to light a fire in His church.

When you know you are in the center of Gods' will for your life don't
let others try to turn you aside so that you stumble. Keep your eyes
on God, He knows what is best for your life.

Remember a sense of humor will get you through any problem. Be
willing to laugh at yourself..

Don't grumble and complain, as God already knows what is
going to happen.

Don't be so earthly minded that you are of no Heavenly worth.

God is faithful to keep His promises. Keep the faith dear ones.


When in this life, God closes a door on you, keep your faith in
Him as He is preparing to open a new door which could be
better for you, so don't ever give up on God.            

You will always know who your true friends are when you are
going through a struggle. I am blessed to have some true
and beautiful friends.

No peace is greater than the peace of God and peace with God.

When in God's army and you are doing what He has asked you to do,
just know you sometimes will receive friendly fire.
But, relax because that is confirmation that you are doing what He is asking
of you. After all Jesus was betrayed by one of His followers.


If others tell you to sit down and shut up, but God is

telling you to speak, who are you going to obey?


When we are in the center of God's will we often get the most opposition


Dare to do something for God, and He can make it happen.


We cannot take any of the earthly things to Heaven, we can only

see to it that we have helped others to be prepared for Heaven.


You will never know what great things God can do in your

life until you let Him have full control.


When you feel like no one hears or cares,

remember Jesus hears and He cares.        


When we pray, pray JOY prayers, first - Jesus, Others, You.

Joy prayers are the best prayers..                


Sometimes when you are doing what God wants you to do you will shed some tears,
but remember God keeps our tears in a bottle.


Do what God is asking you to do, even when it hurts to do so.

He has something wonderful in His plan for you.



Contact Us  
Hill Baptist Church
7974 Dona Ana Road
P.O. Box 896 Dona Ana NM 88032
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88007
Phone: (575)524-2105
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Regular Schedule  
  • Adult Sunday School Class
  • Coffee Fellowship
    9:30 AM to 9:45 AM
  • Bible Study for all Ages
    9:45 AM
  • Worship Service
    11:00 AM
  • Cowboy Church Rev. Bill Johnson pastor
    7:00 PM
William "Bill" Calvin Johnson Ordained

William "Bill" Calvin Johnson was ordained on August 2nd at Hill Baptist Church.  

Now He who searches the hearts know what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints, according to the will of God.  And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. 

Romans 8:27-28

Bill is the pastor for Cowboy Church on Thursday nights at Hill Baptist.

Sunday School Classes

We at Hill Baptist would like to invite you to Sunday School classes starting a 9:45 AM.  We have a time of fellowship before the classes at 9:30 AM with coffee and doughnuts. 

Opportunities to serve

Be a greeter-sign up in foyer

Volunteer to organize items in pews.

Volunteer to teach Sunday School (all ages)

Volunteer to be on leadership team.

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